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15 Aug BELFORT Coffee Table
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A coffee table can be used for many things. Some people use it as a foot rest, whilte others like the convenience of putting your beverage on a flat service. Or there are folks like me who keep fancy ..
15 Jul Coffee Table
admin 1 8385
Are you a coffee or a tea person? Magazine or book? Slippers or barefoot? Whichever ways you lean, a coffee table fills more functions than sometimes meets the eye. Not only are they functional—holdin..
15 Sep Handmade
admin 1 9320
Should your table have drawers? How high should it be? What shape? What materials, and what colors are right for your home? Finding the right piece can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but it's po..
02 Aug Dining Table
admin 0 5114
Make your home stand out by displaying your beautiful new dining room table large enough to hold the whole family. Follow these tips to decorate your dining room to perfection.- Choose a table that fi..
15 Sep Table
admin 0 9763
A good table should be something that you plan on having for the next five to ten years. Keeping that in mind, it’s important to note that, while trends are often great to follow, picking a table shou..
26 Jul Handmade coffee table
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What’s better than rustic furniture? It brings back memories of a time long ago; it offers handmade quality not present in many modern items; it stands out like few other items do. Table World has mul..
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